How Builder Floor is Different From High Rise Floors

Front view of builder floor and high rise floors

Builder floor, a perfect abode for the privacy lovers. It gives immense freedom for dwellers by isolating from crowd. Builder floor or low rise floors has a limit up to 4 floors, which safely cocooned from noise, traffic etc. In high rise floors, the floors are built depending on the project clearance and permission. Here in high rise floors, corridors and many other facilities are shared with multiple flats, as a result very less ambit for privacy. A builder floor is usually developed by the builder on his own, sometimes in collaboration with the land owner. Builder floor gives independent living space experience in affordable price. Whereas high rise it will be built by builders, real estate companies, to transform aspirants to habitants. In high rise buildings you get phenomenal view, amenities like gym, aerobics center, play area, podium, Amphitheatre many more. As these facilities shared with larger residence, need to compromise for privacy. More number of flats, blocks, residents creates chaos. In high rise floors always need to be in line with the builders and association rules and regulations. Whereas in builder floors scenic view will not the primary concern. As its sold as floor wise, purchaser can enjoy freedom of space, as no need to share the common area with anybody like in high rise floor. They enjoy the complete independence of being owner to remodify, renovate building or their unit. Builder floor considered as hot cake for buyers and sellers, also has good resale value. Most opt for low rise/ building floor to relish the villa, bungalow ambience. High rise floors and sky scrapers rather give clustered feel. In terms of price, building floors are slightly premium than high rise floors.

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