Disadvantages of Builder Floor

1.Building floor miss the atmosphere like community functions, activities etc. Any Problem, related to construction, land litigation, governments orders, neighbor’s problem need to fight individually, where in high rise apartments/floors problems solved unitedly. Absence of Association n bye law may cause chaos in between building floor individual owners. 

2.Deprived of amenities like gym, swimming pool, aerobic hall, party hall, amphitheaters etc. Because its low rise builder floor model mainly the spectacular view is missed. 

3.Repair work, plumbing, carpentering, seepage issues any such house hold maintenance work done by owners only, in high rise you will be having dedicated employees from maintenance team to look after it. 

4.Security will not be up to the mark as comparatively, as in high rise the collective amount will be used for safety and security purpose. 

5.Building floors are not felicitous for places like Mumbai, where the lands rate is too high.

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