Advantages of Builder Floor

Front view of builder floor

1.Maintanance charge will be very minimal as no amenities. In affordable price you can enjoy individual house or villa feel with peace, luxury and privacy 2.As legal procedures handled independently, owners have better understanding of property litigations and complications. Where in high rise floors due to its vastness it’s difficult to get better understanding and clarity. 3.Builder floors are overshadowing the high rise and skyscrapers due to its privacy factor. People are going for the building floors because of low risk during calamities like earth quake. They no need to rely on lift and elevators every time. These are very easy during domestic and household shifting. 4.Scope to modify, alter, refashion interiors and balconies. Where in high rise floors interiors and designs are pre-built and most flats are uniform in design. 5.Each floor has separate electricity and water connection which prevents the conflicts in common buildings. No common place is shared like corridor, lobby etc. They can avail terrace area for solar or any purpose. 6.During the pandemics builder floors are the best, as its isolated and less crowd. Easy for sanitization and people movement tracking.

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